Bad Breath : Causes and Easy Remedies

Halitosis, or Bad breadth as it is usually known is now a problem that most of us have to face at some point of time. It is actually an annoying odor that comes out through one’s breath. There are many reasons why one would have to go through this problem. The basic factors that may cause bad breath are a poor oral hygiene, wastes of bacteria in the mouth, decay of food particles and many more. People suffering with Diabetes, medical infections, kidney failures and malfunctioning of the liver may also face this problem. In addition to these, stress, age, hormonal changes may also be the reason for ones bad breath. The following are a few ways that one can avoid the problem of bad breath.

1.  Get your Infected Gums Treated
Infected Gums can prove to be a major cause for ones bad breath. Proper brushing with a soft bristle brush along with regular flossing will help avoid gum infections and thus improve the oral health. For those who are already suffering with gum infections, a visit to the dentist will help you cure the infection sooner.

stock-photo-cereals-in-wooden-box-825246132.  Have Regular Meals
This would sound surprising. But, missing a meal may reduce the amount of saliva being produced and thus increase bad breath. Regular meals or even smaller meals that consist of fruits and vegetables will help keep bad breath away.

3.  Drink Lots of Water
For those who are unable to brush their teeth immediately after meals, drinking lots of water will help them clean the harmful bacteria and the food particles that are stuck in between teeth. Thus, water helps us to eliminate two major causes of bad breath.

4.  Avoid Alcohol and Smokingstock-photo-still-life-with-various-glasses-and-bottles-of-alcohol-149154938
Consumption of Alcohol causes dry mouth and this may have an effect on your breath for up to 8 to 10 hours. Since years smoking has been considered to be a major cause of bad breath. All those who wish to make a lasting impression with a clean and fresh breath, it is important that you quit smoking and consumption of alcohol.

stock-photo-coffee-931511745.  Avoid Drinking Coffee
Coffee has been a favorite beverage for many. It has a tough smell that gets to the back of the tongue and this lasts for a long time thus causing bad breath. One can consume herbal or green tea instead.

A bad breath is an important factor that may create or destroy your image in front of people. It is thus important to regularly visit an expert dentist and diagnose the main factors because of which you may face bad breath and work towards solving them.


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