Sedation dentistry: A Great Option For Anxious Patients

There are many patients who fear the pain experienced during a dental treatment. Dentistry has brought about different changes that have been making the treatment easier for the patients as well as well as the dentists. Sedation dentistry is one such method that promises lesser pain and thus encourages patients to come forward for a dental treatment. The treatments that would take many months to complete are completed within just few days. These are usually performed for patients who Image
•    Hate injections
•    Cannot bear the Noises and smells that are associated with the dental treatments.
•    Fear any form of medical treatments.
It is also advised for the ones who have
•    Painful and serious dental experiences
•    Extremely sensitive teeth
•    Less Time to complete the entire treatment
•    Complex dental problems.
Sedation dentistry is performed by expert dentists while the patient is in a comfortable and a relaxing posture. This does not mean that the patient is put off to sleep or is in an unconscious state. He is completely awake and knows what is being done. But, these methods prevent him from feeling the actual pain of the treatment.
The 3 main forms of Sedation are as follows:
1.    Inhalation Sedation: This kind of sedation is also known as laughing gas, happy gas, nitrous oxide and relative analgesia.
2.    Oral Sedation: This is done using anti anxiety pills or a liquid.
3.    Intravenous Sedation: Intravenous sedation is inserting a drug into the blood stream.
ImageAlthough Sedation Dentistry is said to reduce the fear of dental treatment, we fail to understand that in some cases, it may ease the work of the dentist as well. It is, thus, important to make sure that sedation is actually required while you go ahead with a treatment. If the treatment is just a minor matter of concern, you need not prefer this. But, still, with an increase in the number of patients avoiding to come forward for a dental treatment, many expert dentists have found sedation dentistry to be a great way to encourage such patients to come and get the treatment done.


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